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Here`s info for you about what LINESMAN from does.

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Archives map of Bourlon Wood 1918

What it looks like in LINESMAN

The series of images below are the 1928 lists of where the Battles of the CEF took place. Watch this space for an "interesting" development on mapping with the Linesman Map System. Images are numbered sequentially from left to right.  Thanks to 14th Bn expert Brian Sutherland for digging this up. Feel free to take a copy and tell your friends about - isn't it time you were a member?


This series of links below takes you to the 3rd Infantry Brigade Report for 22 April - 5 May 1915  when they were engaged in action at St Julien and Kitchener's Wood. The original maps in the second column are very high quality for historical research purposes.

Page Maps Casualties Ammunition Expended
Page 1 Situation 4 pm 22 April 22 1915
Page 2 Situation 7 am 23 April 1915
Page 3 Situation 8 pm 23 April 1915
Page 4 Situation 9 am 24 April 1915
Page 5 Situation 4 am 25 April 1915
Page 6 Situation 1200 25 April 1915
Situation 9 am 26 April 1915
Situation 6 am 27 April 1915
1st Division by Brigades
22- 30 April 1915

The Webmaster has a new mapping package - from Great War Digital. The LINESMAN Mapping package allows you to generate information like that shown below - absolutely incredible for die hard WW1 historians and casual fans alike. Contact the Webteam for more info on why you want to be in the Central Ontario Branch of the Western Front - to take advantage of the webmaster of course! :)

A walking map (made with Ozie Explorer) of points just east of St Julien showing Kitchener's Wood

On 20 September 1917, Lt Frederick Burd was killed near St Julien Belgium with the 2/4 London Regiment.

Read the operations report then see the story here and be sure to visit his memorial website by his descendant Ben Burd.

1 Oct 1916 - Courcellette France - the 20th Battalion Attacks

On 1 Oct 1916 the 20th Battalion attacked a section of the German held defenses to the east of Courcellette in the direction of Le Sars. On that day a British Brigade also made an assault on another part of the line that helped set up the 16th Battalion attack on Desire Trench

This presentation CLICK uses the same techniques as the 16th Battalion show above.

The soldiers lost in the attack - per records from The Canadian Great War Project were as shown below

Last Name First Name  Reg No  Buried / Memorial Family
McIntosh Robert 412813 Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France Son of Robert and Margaret McIntosh, of Uddingston, Scotland; husband of Marjory McIntosh, of 819, Ossington Avenue, Toronto.
Sampson Harry 214351 Adanac Military Cemetery, France Brother of Richard Sampson, Coatsworth Ontario
McNiven Archibald 413065 Contay British Cemetery, France Son of Archibald and Mary McNiven, of Renton, Scotland; husband of Elizabeth McNiven, of 189, Palmerston Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.
Mitchell William 58019 Contay British Cemetery, France George Mitchell, 58 Provost Road, Dundee Scotland
Smith Henry 213664 Contay British Cemetery, France Son of Thomas and Louise Smith, of Hamilton, Ontario; husband of Rosa Smith, of Ojibway, Ontario.
Roy Frederick Robert 142133 St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen, France H Roy, Sturgeon Falls, Ont (born in New Hampshire USA)
Green Charles NA Sunken Road Cemetery, Contalmaison, France Son of George and Elizabeth Green, of Sholing, Southampton, England husband of Mabel Gertrude Green, of 14, Easton Square, Portland, England.
Spraggett Charles 171537 Vimy Memorial Son of John Spraggett; husband of Charlotte Sarah Spraggett, of 14, York Place, Maria St., Limehouse, London, England.
Webster James 409377 Vimy Memorial Son of Ralph and Sarah Ann Webster of 23, Lord St., Macclesfield, Cheshire, England.
Bradfield John 141157 Vimy Memorial Husband if Mrs J Bradfield, Hamilton, Ont
Brown John 57776 Vimy Memorial Wife lived at Cluney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Brown John 408093 Vimy Memorial Miss J Brown (LINK)
Clarke Edward Gerard 57382 Vimy Memorial Husband of Frances Clarke, of 20, Liberty St., Bowmanville, Ontario.
Dufour Thomas Vanson 451827 Vimy Memorial Son of Alfred Henry and Charlotte Jane Du Four, of 64, Chatham St., Hamilton, Ontario. Wounded four times.
Logan Robert McPherson 454870 Vimy Memorial Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Logan, of 640, Drew St., Oshawa, Ontario.
Plummer Richard 57479 Vimy Memorial WH Plummer, LINK

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