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How to capture lots of information in a hurry and review it when and where you want?

In the case of the War Diaries online at the Archives you should try this

1. Make a directory called Archives

2. Go to your favourite WW1 Bn War Diary

3. Open the images

4. Save each image to ARCHIVES (directory you made above)

5. Now get PICASA2 (an image / picture manager for free from

6. Download and install it

7. Run it

8. You should now see the ARCHIVES images like a series of contact prints of the days of film.

9. Using the options - MAKE A WEBSITE - click it and see what it does

10. The Archives Images should now show in a browser window for you to study them at length.

11. Put the WEBSITE Directory (look in your MY DOCUMENTS directory) on a memory stick or CD and carry it with you - watch it when you have a spare minute at work or wherever.

12. Email me back on how you make out at the WEB TEAM

Enjoy - Now back to the Trenches! :)

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