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COBWFA Branch Committee Members - 2005/2006

Here are our committee members and their responsibilities as elected at the Annual General Meeting on October 23, 2004 and revised in 2005:

  • Honorary President - Captain (retired) John E. Haslam, CD

  • Executive Committee
    • Chairman* - Glenn Kerr
    • Vice Chairman* - To be determined
    • Secretary - Gordon MacKinnon
    • Treasurer* - Diane Johnson
    • Membership - this role is managed by the Chairman

  • Volunteer Appointments
    • Maple Leaf Newsletter Editor - Bruce Cane
    • COBWFA Web Site - Floyd Low
    • Tours Coordinator - Captain (retired) John E. Haslam, CD
    • Historical Information Officer - Mr. Mark Giroux
    • Sergeant-at-Arms - Larry Levett

Note that Mr. John Haslam is the Founding Chairman of the COBWFA. The * indicates the executive positions that require membership in the WFA.

COBWFA Role of Honour

  • Frederick Henry West - On May 1, 2000, Fred West (WW1 veteran, Military Medal and Bar, Legion of Honour from France) and our COBWFA Honorary Vice chairman quietly passed away in the Bowmanville Memorial Hospital. Fred West was greatly loved, admired, and respected by many people from all walks of society. He will be greatly missed and will never be forgotten.

Sharing among our COBWFA Members

Here is a list (last updated on 4 Feb 2007) of some of our members and their interests. Do not hesitate to contact a member directly when you find some research information to share.

  • Ron Alldred ( - 38th Battalion and 109th Battalion. Also, Ron is managing a COB project to research the records and history of the 63 names listed on the Bowmanville WW1 Cenotaph.
  • Kelly Campbell ( - the 58th CEF Battalion. Kelly knows a fellow, Ernie, whose father served in the German army during the Great War and will invite him to our next COBWFA meeting.
  • Steven Dieter ( from Ottawa, Ontario is a former historian at the Billy Bishop Heritage Museum and interested in the RFC/RNAS/RAF, CEF 19th Bn, 27th Bn, and also the 31 Regt that was part of his Grandfather's unit (the Grey & Simcoe Foresters).
  • John Haslam ( - 116th CEF, Third Division CEF, Pals Battalions BEF, Battle of the Somme, Battles of Ypres, German Spring Offensive in March 1918.
  • Mike Haskins ( - war in the air
  • Benjamin Keevil - Canadians at Passchendaele - a special interest group to research the activities of the Canadian 58th (Central Ontario) Batallion near Passchendaele on October 26, 1917. Benjamin is also interested in the 43rd and 52nd Battalions who fought beside the 58th and the 116th Battalion that was in a support role on October 26, 1917.
  • Mike Kenny ( - the Somme, Ypres, and Gallipoli.
  • Glen Kerr ( - 116th
  • Larry Levett ( - 116th
  • Al Lloyd's ( interest is the men of the 21st Battalion CEF.  His grandfather served with this battalion and thankfully came home safe. He maintains the 21st Battalion website  which currently contains over 1500 photos of 21st Battalion members, with the vast majority of them identified.  Al is also a member of the 21st Battalion Discussion Group at
  • Floyd Low CEF 4th Division (11th, 54th, 75th, 87th and 102nd Battalions). Floyd is developing a unique mapping technique to record the location and movement of the Canadian 54th Battalion and 102nd Battalion during the Great War. As if that`s not enough, he also has a US ARMY WW1 Site - The 20th Engineers featuring his grandfather.
  • Steve Nichol ( - WW I related interests are Imperial German Spiked Helmets (Picklehaubes) and Imperial German Regimental Steins as well as the 21st Battalion (Eastern Ontario) of the CEF. He is currently writing a history of the 21st Battalion.
  • Cliff Nyenhuis ( 116th CEF, Scottish RHR, R.E. - tunnelling Coys, Reserve Infantry Regiment 11, 117th Infantry Division, German Imperial Army.
  • Gordon MacKinnon (SECRETARY) - the 58th CEF Battalion and PPCLI
  • Harold Mills ( - 31st
  • Ray Montgomery ( who lives 30 kms west of Thunder Bay, Ontario, is starting a network of fellow descendants of the 102nd Battalion, North British Columbians. His father fought in the CEF 102nd and was at Passchendaele. Any other descendents, please contact Ray directly.
  • John Sargeant of London Ontario currently researching 21st Battalion, collecting, indexing and collating a list of the members of the 21st Battalion, and collecting and collating stories about the 21st from Canadian newspapers along with Al Lloyd of Kingston and Steve Nichol of Almonte.  Also moderates 21st Battalion Discussion web site
  • Don Vance ( (sometimes broken)) - published a booklet on The Dead of the 75th CEF Battalion, also researching the 66 Great War names on the Bancroft Cenotaph
  • Ian Waldron ( - the 58th CEF Battalion
  • Mr. George Kingsley Ward, see his site at
  • Bill White ( - general interest in the Great War
  • Mark Giroux Mark`s interest's in the great war are the human aspect of the soldier in the front either the Canuck, Yank,  Pouilou, The Feldgrau's, how they lived what they had to live in and what they used to live in it. Primary Interest's The 116th Battalion CEF, 117th Division Infanterie Division Imperial German Army.
  • Morley Verdier ( ) – researching his grandfather’s  initial service with the 16th Battalion – Canadian Scottish and later with the 1st Division HQ as a cartographer and machine gun officer; researcher for the Russell Legion Branch 372 memorial project to identify and catelogue all service members listed on the five cenotaphs in Russell township – Russell, Embrun, Limoges, Vars and Casselman.

Other COBWFA members please send a one sentence description of your interests to the WEBTEAM by email or leave a note at the next meeting.

Honourary COBWFA Members

Here are some of the people who have really helped our COBWFA members with their remembering projects. At our 2002 Annual General Meeting, the members voted to make them Honourary COBWFA members.

Luce Maple Leaf Committee in the Somme area of France

Voici une partie du peuple qui ont vraiment aidé nos membres de COBWFA avec leurs projets se rappelants. Lors de notre assemblée 2002 générale ordinaire, les membres ont voté pour lui faire les membres honorifiques de COBWFA. (Translation from Alta Vista online)

  • Chairman: Marc Pilot
  • Vice chairman: Jean Goux
  • Treasurer: Jean-Michel Longuemart
  • Secretary: Catherine Chaumeil
  • Executive Members: Jean et Brigitte Mroz, Jacques et Monique Delmail, Serge Lambert, Jean Noblet (Vet's colour-bearer), Robert et Anne-Marie Desseaux, Jeanine Goux.
  • "Friends": Monsieur le Marquis de Thézy (owner of Gentelles and Mametz wood) - unfortunately he passed away late 2009, Monsieur Bereins (owner of Hamon Wood and Moreuil Wood).

Note that Captain Jean Mroz (retired) is also the Mayor of Aubercourt. Professor Marc Pilot ( is the author of the book Les Brumes de Picardie - Moreuil 1918 that was published in 2002.

Other Honorary COBWFA Members

  • Mr. Jim Connell, chairman Branch 178 Royal Canadian Legion - in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
  • Mr. George Kingsley Ward.


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